The Money Maker

Productive and feed efficient

Efficient with a low feed intake, the Shaver White is a great choice for commercial egg producers. It produces high numbers of first quality eggs suitable for table egg and processing markets.

The Shaver White is bred to excel in longer cycles thanks to its high liveability and great laying persistency. Adding to this, this hen performs well in many different environments, housing and management systems. An ideal layer for commercial layers looking for efficient performance in an extended laying cycle.

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Winner in efficiency and economic results

Excellent feed conversion ratio

High egg production

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Shaver White commercial standards

Cage system

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shaver white standards engc2

Shaver White

The Shaver Parent Stock

We are proud to offer our leading products at the parent stock level to clients all over the world. With the benefit of our world class breeding department, we are dedicated to providing high performance products. 

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