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The Shaver Brown is a highly efficient and balanced brown egg layer. It has been specifically bred to produce a large volume of high quality brown eggs with strong shells and good internal quality. The Shaver Brown has a low feed intake combined with a high peak production and great laying persistency. Commercial egg producers trust the Shaver Brown performance and count on its low feed intake and high production. A great choice for those looking for efficiency and balance.

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Efficient on the bottom line and profitable

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High egg production

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Shaver Brown

Shaver Parent Stock

We are proud to offer our leading products at the parent stock level to clients all over the world. With the benefit of our world class breeding department, we are dedicated to providing high performance products. 

Parent Stock
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To get the best performance out of your birds, we offer dedicated service. As part of our product delivery, the Shaver team is always available to build a customized solution for your needs. 

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