Shaver Black

About the Shaver Black

The Shaver black is a black feathered brown egg producing laying hen. The Shaver black has a good appetite resulting in good chicken bodyweight, this enables the Shaver black laying hens to thrive in more challenging environments. The Shaver Black is robust, has good livability and good feather cover. The Shaver black chickens produce large numbers of high quality brown eggs. The Shaver Black produces well in different climates, under different flock management and housing systems. The Shaver Black has the characteristics of a backyard chicken, but as she is part of our balanced breeding program, the Shaver black is perfectly able to perform well in commercial poultry operations.

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The Shaver Black today

  • Performs well in difficult environments
  • Large number of high quality brown eggs
  • Easy to manager and higher bodyweight

cage systems

Laying period 18-100 weeks
Livability (%) 93
Age at 50% production (days) 145
Peak of production (%) 94.5
Average egg weight (g) 63.0
Eggs hen housed 450
Egg mass hen housed (kg) 28.4
Laying period 18-100 weeks
Average feed intake (g/day) 117
Cum. feed conv. rate (kg/kg) 2.34
Body weight (g) 2150
Shell strength (g/cm2) 4000
Shell color (lab) 14.0
Haugh units 81