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Published on Nov. 8, 2017

Successful seminars held in Alberta with Sunrise hatchery

During the last week of October, Hendrix Genetics and Sunrise hatchery conducted seminars in Alberta, Canada. Sunrise hatchery distributes Shaver White, Dekalb White and ISA Brown commercial layers. 

Participation was excellent in spite of challenging weather; one day, the strong prairie winds were blowing up to 100 km/hour. Seminars were conducted in the areas of highest concentration of egg laying farms – Lethbridge, Strathmore and Leduc.

During the meetings, sales manager Eugene Fridman updated participants on the history, evolution and new developments in Hendrix Genetics. The group was updated on breeding work, new projects and showed test and field results. These meetings were very interactive. Farmers asked many questions and shared their positive experiences with the products.

Dr. Zavala gave a veterinary presentation related to IBV. He educated the group on the disease, explained challenges associated with it, and gave advice for proper protection. Ways of monitoring and interpreting lab results were also explained. It was relevant and interesting topic for all participants.

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Following this, the Sunrise team presented local results. Abe Naeima – sales manager for Sunrise distributor, showed excellent Shaver White commercial results. We are proud to see that Shaver White customers have established a new benchmark for egg production in Canada: 340 + eggs/hh at 71-72 weeks of age. Due to the quota system in Canada, birds are used from 19 till 72 weeks for egg production. For that reason, Canadian egg farmers want layers that will produce the maximum amount of eggs during this period. Knowing that 70% of all expenses go to feed bills, they decided to use Shaver White birds that eat the least amount of feed and produce high number of grade A eggs. More and more Shaver White flocks finish with 97-99 g/day average feed consumption, mortality less than 3% and 340 – 345 eggs/hh at 72 weeks of age. Impressive results!

Overall it was very successful week. It gave us the opportunity to update our customers on our efforts in breeding, hear their feedback, discuss new exciting projects, and share together our vision for the future.

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