New management guide for alternative systems published online

Published on April 30, 2020

New management guide for alternative systems published online

The management guide for alternative housing systems has been updated by our team of technical experts.

In this new guide you will be able to find the latest recommendations and insights in how to manage your laying hens in alternative housing systems. From barn systems to free range and organic, all housing systems will be addressed.

The guide starts with a chapter on biosecurity, addressing effective measures to take with respect to biosecurity, cleaning and disinfection of the poultry houses. Followed by the different stages during the life of the chickens: brooding, rearing, transfer and the productive life.

All tips and tricks to get the genetic potential of egg production out of your laying hens. Next to technical and management aspects with respect to housing systems, equipment and lighting, we also address the nutritional aspects. Our nutritionists have updated the feed recommendations, addressing the nutritional requirements, feeding techniques and much more.

Our veterinarians have included a chapter on bird health and welfare, and a chapter on vaccination strategies. Keep an eye on our website, as we will add technical papers on specific poultry diseases in the coming months.

Download the Commercial management guide for alternative housing systems.

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