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Published on April 20, 2017

Shaver at the London Poultry Show

Shaver was well presented at the Canadian London Poultry Show which took place last April.

The London Poultry Show took place on April 5-6, 2017. This show was the largest in 60 years of its operation, and more than 200 exhibitors attended this biggest poultry event in Canada. Hendrix Genetics represented by layers and turkeys were there to connect with customers.

Many farmers and their families came to visit with our booth over the two days, and shared their experiences with our birds. We had a pleasure to talk with users of our layers from Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba.

One of the leading products in this market is Shaver White. All show very high egg numbers, a crucial trait for Canadian egg producers. It is a new norm in Ontario to see 340 + eggs/hen housed at 71 weeks of age.

Pictured above, we were excited to meet with the Corneil family from the McKinley hatchery. A great example of just one of the hard working egg producer families based in Canada. Thank you to all of our customers who visited the show, and we look forward to many years of continued success together.

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