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Published on Dec. 20, 2016

Seminar Tour Held in Japan

Members of the Shaver sales and technical team held a seminar tour Japan, meeting with customers in Nagoya and Tokyo. 

Both seminars, in Nagoya and Tokyo hosted over 100 attendees.

The agenda was comprised of talks on The Layer Breeding Program – “Genetic improvement for 500 first quality eggs”, “How to feed and manage layers for a long production cycle”, and a presentation on our parent company, “Hendrix Genetics - Past, Present and Future”. The speakers were Frans van Sambeek, Pauline Rutten, and Arian Groot, respectively. A socializing and networking event was held for the attendees and industry partners after each of the seminars.

During the same week of the seminars, the sales and technical team visited ISE, AKITA, TOMARU, Mie Hatchery, and Ohata Shaver Hatchery to discuss technical issues and collaborate on how to enhance bird performance in the field. Overall the meetings were a great success where the team had the chance to explore the growth potential of the Japanese market and identify how we can help producers achieve excellent performance in their operations.


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